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We are a small company with an "extended family" of engineers from different fields available to add resources when required.

We have been designing control modules for automotive, electric vehicle and air-conditioning for over 25 years.  

We don't just supply modules designed to a customer's specification.  We develop complete solutions to meet our customers needs.


We have an open approach, which means our clients are as comitted to us as we are to them.


Although the Startronics company is recently formed, the knowledge base is substantial.  

  • Our management team has a proven track record in establishing new, national, companies; as well obtaining the best posible growth potential from exisitng ones.
  • Our engineering team has an equally impressive track record in developing new leading edge products, and optimising existing products.
  • Our engineering network is broad, allowing us to call in expertise when needed with a very low overhead.

Our capabilities

  • In house PCB design
  • In house PCB assembly and repair
  • In house software development
  • Comprehensive hardware design and test equipment.
  • 35 years electronics experience
  • High end motorsport experience
  • Class B voltage (>50Vdc >30Vac) experience.


We'll be pleased to provide you with more details about our services. Contact us on 07912 480117 or use our contact form.

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