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Welcome to Startronics Limited

At Startronics Ltd we design, prototype and manufacture bespoke electronic solutions.  We specialise in optimising designs for flexiblity, reliabilty and value.

Benefit from our broad experience in embedded system design.  We have a track record of developing systems which are as economical as they are elegant.  Reliable systems by design.  


Control systems with connectivity:

  • Connectivity by CAN, LIN and ISO9141 in automotive, bus and truck and military applications.
  • Connectivity by ethernet/internet and GSM for global remote control and diagnostics.
  • Radio (keyfob) and near field control for keyless entry and passive-keyless entry systems.


Systems with enhanced functionality:

  • Multi node system design
  • Multi node, robust, bootloader, with passthough ability to program multiple ECUs over CAN, LIN or serial.
  • Graphic LCD and E-Paper displays 
  • Built in Diagnostics


We have proven skills in hardware and software design for:

  • Custom electric vehicle heating and cooling
  • Custom automotive body control modules
  • Military airconditioning and heating.
  • Custom aircondioining systems with reverse cycle heating
  • J1939 compatible controllers


We can develop the optimal solution for your control system requirement.  From requirements capture, through system specification, system design, network design, hardware design, software design, to commisioning and sign off following the V-model approach.


Contact us on 07912 480117 or use our contact form.

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